Hello, and welcome to Journeying for Path!

My name is Rain Williams. I have many years of training and a wide background of knowledge. For example, I hold several titles to include Usui Reiki Master, Gifter of the Nine Rights of Munay Ki as well Shamanic Practitioner. Additionally, I am a member of the Buffalo Trace Society. I am of mixed heritages. However, I would rather just be known as a person who has knowledge and experience to share with a dream of helping others begin or continue their own life journey.

Journeying For A Path became an idea and a passion about five years ago, but in truth it was always where I had been headed my whole life. My path has taken me in multiple different directions in a constant search for my own truths. Years later having found some of my truths and what makes me the person I am today, I acquired my voice and learned not to fear my gifts nor the stigma that surrounds being able to see and hear things that most people do not realize are around them. I may be different, but so is everyone on this Great Mother Earth. I may have learned a lot over the years, but my journey is far from over; I am still learning daily.

Although I am part white and Lakota, I have spent most of my life following and trying to honor, traditions the Lakota way and was raised as a spiritual person. I believe Creator or God is all around and inside each of us. When we talk to Creator or God, we are heard. If we have a question; ask the answers are there if we look for the signs. Every sign presented to us is an answer. Our task is to listen, learn and find an understanding in the message. No one said it would be easy, however, it is undoubtedly worth the effort. Knowing that in life, no one person’s path will ever be the same as another’s, no matter how similar they may seem, this is why I created Journeying For A Path. It is a place to begin healing, it is educational and safe space that people can come to learn and take with them what they need to continue forward on their journeys unafraid. It is paramount that we keep moving forward on our journey to our truths. You do not have to do this alone. If I can help, reach out to me, or visit the store. I am here to listen or be voice of understanding. If you want help to clear out negativity or need energy to aide you in healing process, I am here. If you want someone to help you understand the messages, I am here. Let me help you on your journey. Thank you for visiting my website and may you always have love and light in your heart.

Many blessings,


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